A slip and fall can happen in all kinds of places – on public sidewalks, private property, in retail establishments or on the job. Many people simply pick themselves up and dust themselves off after such an incident. However, serious injuries can unfold days, even weeks, after the fact. That is why a slip and fall should never be taken lightly.

People with slip and fall injuries should immediately have a complete doctor’s examination and x-rays, if warranted. And, whenever possible, they should take a photo of the accident site immediately following the slip and fall or as soon as possible afterward – in case the situation does turn into a personal injury lawsuit.

Most slip and fall injuries have relatively short statutes of limitations that require a suit to be filed within a relatively brief time period. If this deadline isn’t met, the right to make a claim may be waived. And furthermore, if the injury was caused by the negligence of a governmental entity, the deadline may be even shorter. Any delay in responding to an injury can put a case in serious jeopardy. Chances are increased that evidence will be lost or misplaced, witnesses will move or become unavailable, and the memory of important details will fade. Yet, there may still be a keen awareness of the pain from the injury, any lost wages and the frustration of knowing there could have potentially been compensation for this situation.