Product Liability Law governs the civil process for compensating consumers injured by dangerous or defective products. Many people are unaware that there is an entire section of law devoted to outlining how manufacturers and product companies are held responsible for any damage caused by the goods they sell.

Those who have suffered an injury due to an unsafe or defective product may be eligible for compensation. When a product is defective and causes damage, the designer, manufacturer, or distributor may be held liable. Since product liability law is complex, it is important to consult an attorney if you have been injured by a defective product. An experienced product liability attorney can help you move forward quickly and ensure your claim is filed within the statute of limitations.

Some of the most serious and talked about product liability cases and settlements in recent years have involved class action lawsuits filed against major manufacturers of automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and dangerous medical devices. However, defective products can extend to virtually every corner of the marketplace and result in injuries, from minor burns and lacerations to serious brain and spinal cord injuries.